Biological Protective Agent - Preservative

Biological Protective Agent - Preservative
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The biological protective agent BioGuard® GP101 used in dairy products can help to inhibit the growth of molds and yeasts, the finish products shelf-life can be prolonged.

1. Safe and natural solution.
The micro-organisms used in BioGuard® GP101 range protective cultures are generally recognized as safe. They can be used safely and conveniently without any special announcement.

2. Broad spectrum in inhibiting yeasts and moulds.
Prolong and maintain finish product's shelf-life.

3. Ideal replacement of Natamycin preservative, and it can avoid the phenomena that Natamycin to delay and interfere the fermentation.

4. No extra manufacturing process is needed.
BioGuard® GP101 can be simply added together with regular cultures.