Distilled Glycerol Monolaurate (GML) 90%Min / CAS#142-18-7

Distilled Glycerol Monolaurate (GML) 90%Min / CAS#142-18-7
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Model NO.:GY-031Type:Pharmacy Additive
HS Code:3402130000

    Glycerol monolaurate(GML-90)
Glycerol monolaurate is an advanced food emulsifiers preservatives nowadays, exists in breast milk naturally .
Distilled Glycerol Monolaurate(GML) 90% min is an advanced food emulsifiers preservatives nowadays.
GML it is recognized as a fine food emulsifier internationally. Meanwhile, it is a safe, effective, broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. Its LD50> 10g/kg, is a non-toxic food additive. In April 2005, Chinese Ministry of Health approved that GML can be used in all kinds of food, and no dosage limit, it can be added according to actual needs.
Properties: The biggest advantage of GML is the "not preservatives, but more than  preservative". Its bacteriostatic effect will not change with the change of pH value supose pH value is within the scope of 4 ~ 8. its antibacterial spectrum was wide, it has strong interaction in the common bacteria, fungi, yeast in food, and also can inhibit variety of viruses and protozoa.
Applications: Meat products, dairy products, spices, emulsified flavor, juice plant protein drinks, soy products, baked goods, cosmetics, medicine and health products and so on.
Usage: GML can be dissolved by adding a small amount of alcohol , or disturb GML in 70 ~ 90 °c hot water, and then added to the ingredients in the food. Recommended dosage: 0.05 ~ 1.0g/kg.