Compound phosphate applications for oil products

Amelioration of salt for pasta mainly in: increased muscular force gluten, reduce starch dissolution thereof; enhanced viscoelastic noodles; noodles improve surface finish.

Phosphate used in the production of frozen bread, the main feature is to improve the texture and taste of bread; bread increased water retention capacity, reduce bread in shaping, proofing and moisture loss after steaming cooling process; and increase the bulkiness of bread; reduction cracking bread thawed; balloon make bread more uniform, fine texture, delicious.

Compound phosphate also has some influence on the frozen dumplings. Add phosphates inhibit the thawing dumplings dumpling skin color deepened. Compound phosphate used in seafood processing, you can effectively solve the problem of seafood flavor and nutrient loss, and prevent and reduce oxidation; reduction in body color, taste, making muscle tissue have better water retention capacity, flavor better and increase its water holding capacity during thawing