Phosphate security issues

Phosphates as a food safety of food additives is widespread concern, many foreign scientists a lot about after phosphate toxicology studies to determine the safety of food phosphates column toxic additive, its main indicators in tables 1 and 2

Safety evaluation FAO and World Health Organization in 1970 as a special committee, each adult

Day intake of 1.4-1.5 g P2O5, 12 varieties in 1973 FAO / WHO published concerning phosphate, which additive amount of acceptable daily intake 0-70mg / KG body weight, while the 1985 Food Additives committee to study the various factors affecting dietary phosphate toxicity, such as: the overall level of phosphorus in the diet, the presence of calcium and other minerals, take a phosphate degree of hydrolysis take into short chain phosphate or phosphite Wait. To this end the Committee of Experts recommended dietary amount of total phosphorus unconditional acceptance of <30 mg / kg body weight, the amount of conditional acceptance of 30-70 mg / kg body weight.