The role of phosphate in food processing engineering

Closed role of metal ions: polyphosphate with a solution of metal ions Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Cu2 +, Fe2 +, etc. chelation, generate soluble life and death chelates, thereby reducing the hardness, to prevent the metal ions Cu2 +, Fe2 + and other plays catalysis, water and vegetables, fruit peel Cu2 + chelation, quickly soften and shorten the cooking time and increase the extraction rate of pectin. Especially fruits and vegetables, canned present in the solution Cu2 +, Fe2 + and other ions, can promote the decomposition of vitamin C and pigment fading, discoloration, prevents meat, poultry, fish corruption, in order to extend the shelf life of food. While phosphate also prevent cans bleach decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, thereby enhancing the bleaching effect and can remove metal ions odor. Polyphosphates prevent or delay prevents oxidation of unsaturated fats. Inhibit microbial growth, and thus play a role in corrosion inhibition.