Food preservatives Sodium Acetate Anhydrous/Trihydrate with good price

Food preservatives Sodium Acetate Anhydrous/Trihydrate with good price
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Sodium Acetate(Food Grade) Details Sodium Acetate

Sodium acetate is powder and agglomerate. These two versions are chemically identical and differ only in physical form. The agglomerate offers the properties of non-dustiness, improver wettability, higher bulk density and improver free-flowability.

Sodium Acetate(Food Grade) Application Sodium Acetate

Sodium acetate is used in the pharmaceutical industry, as a buffer in the photographic industry and as a supplement for animal feeds to increase the milk fat production of dairy cattle. It is also used in the production of dye stuffs, as a polymerization catalyst, as a polymer stabilizer, as a flavoring agent, and in the manufacture of hydroxyl oxides, which are used as extractants in hydrometallurgy.

White powder or granular


Grade F. C. C E262

Assay% 99.0-101.0 99.0-101.0

PH at 20 in 5% aqueous sol. 7.5-9.0 8.0-9.5

Insoluble Matter%≤ 0.05 0.05

Heavy metals(as Pb) ppm≤ 10 10mg/kg

Chloride(CI) %≤ 0.035 0.1

Phosphate(PO4) %≤ 0.001

Sulfate(SO4) %≤ 0.005 0.05

Iron(Fe)%≤ 0.01

Water(loss on drying, 120, 240min) %≤ 1.0 2.0(w/w)

Free alkalinity(as NaOH)%≤ 0.2

Potassium compounds To pass test

Lead(Pb)≤ 5mg/kg

Mercury(Hg)≤ 1mg/kg

Arsenic(As) ppm≤ 3 3mg/kg

Reducing substances(as formic acid)≤ 1000mg/kg

Calcium(Ca)%≤ To pass test

Magnesium(Mg)%≤ To pass test




White, odorless, hygroscopic powder

Assay (Dry Basis, %)


pH (1% Solution, 25°C)

8.0- 9.5

Loss on Drying (120°C, 4 Hours, %)

≤ 1.0

Insoluble Matter (%)

≤ 0.05

Alkalinity (as NaOH, %)

≤ 0.2

Chlorides (Cl, %)

≤ 0.035

Formic acid, formates and other oxidizable (as formic acid)

≤ 1,000 mg/kg

Phosphate (PO4)

≤ 10 mg/ kg

Sulphate (SO4)

≤ 50 mg/ kg

Iron (Fe)

≤ 10 mg/ kg

Arsenic (As)

≤ 3 mg/ kg

Lead (Pb)

≤ 5 mg/ kg


≤ 1 mg/ kg

Heavy Metal (as Pb)

≤ 10 mg/ kg

Potassium Salt (%)

≤ 0.025