Sodium Diacetate Green Preservative

Sodium Diacetate Green Preservative
Product Details

Basic Info

Model NO.:FOOD GRADEType:Meat Preservative
Effect:AntisepticResource:Natural Preservatives
HS Code:2915299090

Commodity: Sodium Diacetate
Property: White crystalline powder with acetic acid smell, easy to deliguescence, soluble in water.
Structural formula: CH3-CO-ONa. CH3-CO-OH. XH2O
Packing and storage: It is packed in plastic-coating bag, lined with moisture-proof plastic bag, 25kg net each. It is stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Application: It is used as preserving agent, food and feed. It is also used for storage of grains, the antisepsis, mouldproof and preservation of feed, and also widely used as dye levelling, acidate, detergent and chlorate agents.

Free Acetic Acid: 39.0 – 41.0%
Sodium Acetate: 58.0 – 60.0%
Moisture: 2.0% max
PH (10% aq. ) 4.5 – 5.0
Formic acid and Oxidizables: 0.2% max
Arsenic: 0.0003% max
Heavy metals (As Pb): 0.001% max