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Basic Info


Sucralose specification:
Assay: 98%min and 102% max
Specific Rotation: +84.0° And +87.5°
Moisture: 2.0%max
PH of 10% aqucous solution: 5-8

Acesulfame K specification:
Assay content99%-101%
Loss on drying (105º C2h): %≤1
Organic impurities mg/kg ≤20
Impurity A: % ≤0.125%
Impurity B: Mg/kg≤20

Liquid Sorbitol specification:
Dry Substance> 70%
Water content< 30%
Refractive index>1.4575
PH in 50% DS Aqua sol: 5.0-7.5
Specific gravity(g/ml) >1.29
D-Sorbitol: >71%
D-Mannitol: <8%
Resistivity: <10
Reducing sugars: <0.15%
Total sugars: <6-10%

Dextrose Monohydrate, glucose powder, spcification
Specific rotation: +52~53.5degree
DE-Equivlent: 99.5% min
Acidity: (ml) 1.2max
Chloride: %0.02max
Sulphate: %0.02max
Insoluble matter in alcohol: Clear
Sulfite and soluble starch: Yellow
Moisture: %9.5max